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FreePlay Tour Blog!

Welcome to our FreePlay Tour Blog, June 5-July 4, 2019!
Here are some stories, pics and videos from the road.

EPISODE 1 – June 5-June 8, 2019

The view from Bath Spa Station
Jet- and train-lagged FreePlay’s arrival at Bath Spa Station (Dylan Bell and Suba Sankaran)

We arrive in Bath to decompress after a truly successful SING! The Toronto Vocal Arts Festival. We fly Toronto-Gatwick, then train via Reading to Bath and land here.

The canal on which our new Airbnb home rests.

We live on one of the historic canals that run through the country: they were mostly built in the 1700s and served as the main highways before the railway came in. Walking along the canals is peaceful, quiet, and beautiful, and we run into local flora and fauna along the way.

Cobs grazing in the field.
The sheep may safely graze.
Evidence of just-prior rain (that we managed to escape on our long canal walk)
…and the National Geographic award-winning shot goes to…Dylan!
Bye bye birdy!

Bath itself is a charming former Roman holiday resort of sorts.
We take a walking tour of the town…

…and check out the Roman Baths, which are spectacular.

We also visit the cathedral, where the organist is practicing for his next recital. It’s always fun stumbling upon practicing musicians…

Next up: Episode 2 – Our first rural UK Tour!