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Welcome to the website of Suba Sankaran - musician, composer, educator, choral director, sound designer.

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Ready-made and custom a cappella arrangements for your choir.

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Private lessons, workshops, TDSB curriculum guide and more!

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Audio, video, photos, EPK - coming soon!

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Press Quotes

Sankaran has a superior voice, leading her listeners in and out of a trance, even with a wild jazz-scat to the accompanying Indian-tuned percussion, a vocal feat worth the price alone. -Telegraph Journal

Mixing jazzy and funky licks with Indian spice, Autorickshaw singer Suba Sankaran has an uncanny ability to phrase a song. Hearing her live would be a soulful experience.  - Halifax Daily News

The star of the show was Sankaran, who used both jazz and Carnatic improvisation, including scat singing and vocal percussion, to offer the audience a range of musical experiences. - The Hindu (Bangalore)

Of course the centrepiece was lead singer, Suba Sankaran, very much the heart of the band, with her supple vocal variety, infectious smile, and entrancing musicality. - The Record

Sankaran, her face full of drama, navigated the runs of the complex Eastern vocal lines, revealing both her technical virtuosity and a higher-level grasp of the work. - NOW Magazine

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